How to Write a Selling Product Proposal

A product proposal is simply a written plan meant to convince another party of the viability of the product you plan to sell. Writing a selling product proposal requires a significant amount of time, research and planning. You also have to learn about the person or company you want to pitch, whether it is a distributor or a retailer.

Identify the needs of the target buyer for the product who will receive the proposal. Match the features and benefits to those needs of the buyer.

Analyze and test the product before you write the proposal. In order to properly sell the product in your proposal you need to first get an idea of how it works, looks and performs.

Write a full listing of the features and benefits of the product in your proposal. That includes the product design, packaging, and name. Highlight the two or three features and benefits that you feel will best address the needs of the target consumer and capture the attention of the distributor or retailer to whom you plan to present your proposal.

Write your marketing plan for the product you plan to release. Include an analysis of the target consumer, or end user, as well as a discussion of the four P's of marketing -- price, promotion, product and place of distribution.

Prepare a full SWOT -- strength, weakness, opportunities and threats -- analysis in the product proposal. Address each of these items in detail and how you plan to manage them.

Analyze your product’s key competitive advantages that you believe will cause it to gain attention over the other offerings on the market. If it is a one-of-a-kind product, provide information on the patent and your research that estimates the projected demand for the brand new item.