Clients dislike feeling helpless when they encounter a problem that needs urgent attention. Making an effort to empower your clients is an excellent way to enable them to do things for themselves. By empowering your clients now, they will be able to solve problems successfully on their own in the future. Clients who feel like they are in control whenever they work with you are more likely to refer your business to any potential clients.

Step 1.

Give your clients access to information 24 hours a day. Create a website that includes contact information, info about services and products, business achievements, samples and an FAQ. Also, include an area where clients can send their questions and concerns.

Step 2.

Answer all queries as soon as possible or within three days. Many clients aren't patient and dislike having to wait a week before they receive an answer. Satisfy your customer's questions by answering them to the best of your capabilities. Don't answer queries with vague answers.

Step 3.

Use social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Hire someone to update your pages multiple times a day and to answer any of your client's questions. Clients enjoy being able to contact you immediately and conveniently. By using social media, your clients will be able to share hopefully positive opinions, feedback and experiences.

Step 4.

Include your clients whenever you're making a huge decision that will affect them directly or indirectly. Encourage them to voice their advice, concerns and questions. You should brainstorm with your clients and treat them like important collaborators.

Step 5.

Treat your clients like royalty. Your clients are the bloodline of your business and you should treat them as such. Without your clients, your business would crumble. Be willing to go the extra mile in order to please all of your clients. For example, if your best client needs your services, but you're completely booked, work overtime to meet his needs.