How to Generate a Simple Profit & Loss Statement

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Profit and Loss Statements are used by business to account for their sources of revenue, along with any expenses incurred. They are useful ways to assessing the business' financial health. Instead of manually creating a Profit and Loss statement, several templates are available for you to download and fill on on your computer. Otherwise, you create a blank document and include the various elements. Templates save time instead of creating the document manually. They are particularly effective because they contain the same general elements.

Download a Microsoft Word version of a Profit and Loss statement (see "Resources"). It includes the three categories common to the statement: Revenue, Job Costs, and Expenses. Revenue is your business' "profit," while costs and other expenses are your business' losses. Enter the sources of revenue, job cost categories and expense categories in the appropriate sections on the left side of the template. Enter the actual figures in the table to the right of each category.

Download a Microsoft Excel version of the Profit and Loss statement (see Resources). This version is useful for those users who do not have Microsoft Office Word installed. The form contains the same elements as the Word version.

Download a printable version of the Profit and Loss statement. Double-click the file to open it. The file contains the same elements as the Word and Excel versions. You will need Adobe PDF reader installed to view and print the file.

Print the Word, Excel or PDF versions after your complete the document by clicking "File" and "Print."