How to Program an Omni 3750

The VeriFone Omni 3750 is a credit card processing terminal with both dial-up and Ethernet connection capabilities. The Onmi 3750 is designed to be used as a point-of-sale (POS) machine. It has several features and functions for various types of business transactions. The primary form of programming of the Omni 3750 is the communication setup programming, which establishes the connection from the terminal to the external processing company. The process of programming an Omni 3750 is fairly straightforward.

Press the top-left purple button twice to scroll down on the screen menu. The button is located under the down-arrow on the display screen.

Press the “F3” button, then enter “Z668131” into the keypad and press the “Enter” button.


Press the top-left purple button twice again, then press the “F2” button and the “F3” button, respectively. Press the “Enter” button.


Press the “F2” button to select “OK,” then press the “F4” button to select “Exit.” Press the “X” button to exit the communication setup programming.



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