Many businesses want to provide a professional image and good first impression to clients from the moment they walk in the door. This can be accomplished by presenting a neat and clean facility. For businesses that have carpets, this often requires frequent carpet cleaning by professional cleaners due to high volume of foot traffic. As a commercial carpet-cleaning business, you can cash in on this market by learning how to bid on commercial carpet-cleaning jobs.

Step 1.

Review the job specifications. Obtain the amount of square footage to be cleaned as well as any special requirements in advance from the office or financial employee at the company requesting the bid. Learn whether the space has stairs or requires cleaning of upholstered furniture as this adds extra time to the job. Ask to tour the space if needed to make an accurate and competitive bid.

Step 2.

Itemize your expenses. List out the various expenses you’ll have when completing the commercial carpet cleaning. This could include cleaning supplies and equipment, water costs and transportation expenses to and from the job site. Add in the cost of paying yourself and any additional laborer. Make sure that the price you charge covers all of your expenses and still makes a profit for your business.

Step 3.

Prepare the bid. Use a bid template, or create one yourself that you can use to submit commercial carpet-cleaning bids. Fill out your company information, and detail the amount of your bid. Make sure that your bid includes any additional services you might offer such as carpet protector spray or steam cleaning of upholstered furniture in public waiting areas. If these are an additional price, make sure this is noted as optional so that clients know they can choose not to pay for them and lower the overall cost of the bid.

Step 4.

Submit the bid. Review the information, and know where and how to submit the bid. Make sure that the bid is addressed to the correct person and received prior to the deadline. Many companies will automatically disqualify you if your commercial carpet-cleaning bid is late.