A nurse who wishes to relocate to Florida can obtain a license by endorsement from the Florida Board of Nursing (FBN). If the FBN approves the application, the applicant can work as a nurse in Florida legally without taking the licensing exam again. The applicant must have worked as a nurse for at least two of the previous three years and must be in good standing with the current state board.

Step 1.

Apply to have your current nursing license verified. The FBN recommends that you complete this part of the application process before you submit an application to avoid a delay. Some boards of nursing, including the FBN, use Nursys to verify a nurse’s license and education. Visit Nursys to find out if your state participates (see Resources). If so, you will have to pay a fee to begin the verification process. If your state does not use Nursys, the FBN will contact the board for verification.

Step 2.

Download the “Application for Nursing Licensure by Endorsement” from the FBN’s website or complete the application online (see Resources). You may also contact the office and have the form mailed to you or, if you are in the vicinity, visit the office to pick it up.

Step 3.

Have your fingerprints taken. The FBN accepts fingerprints electronically via LiveScan or on a fingerprint card. You may complete a fingerprint card at a local law enforcement agency or at a fingerprinting service company. You can request fingerprints online (see Resources).

Step 4.

Submit the application and the various supporting documents to the FBN. Also include a check, money order or credit card information for the $223 processing fee.

Step 5.

Wait for a decision from the FBN. It may take up to 30 days to receive a notification from the office via mail. If the board approves your application, it will add your name to the Florida registry and send you a license.

Step 6.

Complete a Florida laws and rules course within six months of receiving a Florida nursing license. You may take this course with a continuing education provider.