Obtaining contact information for a newly established or newly registered business serves a number of purposes, such as customer compliments, product returns, queries or legal matters that require the use of a business address. Most companies leave a record of their address, or are easy to find through their marketing techniques, such as telemarketing, but newly registered businesses may not have implemented advertising techniques or fully registered their company information on local or national databases.

Step 1.

Collect all known information about the company, including the name of the chairman or director, telephone contact information, trademarks, brand names, product information, date established, company name and previous company names, if any. More information collected will result in accurate results from online databases.

Step 2.

Look up the business's telephone number, if the company called and left no other information. Use phone books or directories to try and locate the company, or use online sites, such as AnyWho.com, to search for a company's location. You can also use search engines, such as Bing or Google. Type in the telephone number of the company, which may direct you to the business's website or provide other relevant information for your search.

Step 3.

Consult the United States Patent and Trademark Office if you have any information regarding the company's trademarks. On the United States Patent and Trademark Office site, you can enter the company's trademark information and click "Search Marks" to reveal all information left by the company when the trademark was registered. Any company that registers a trademark must provide information to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is accessible to the public.

Step 4.

Search local databases for business information. For example, typing "registered companies South Carolina" will show databases and websites featuring businesses registered, or trading, in South Carolina. Searching the business name may also provide other entries on different databases, or links to company information, addresses or websites.

Step 5.

Use national databases to search for company information. National databases, such as Manta.com, require one criteria to search on (for example, the company's name) and can produce a list of relevant or similar companies. If national databases do not provide any results, use international databases for a company that may be based elsewhere, such as Companies House for businesses based or registered in the United Kingdom.