How to Get a Barcode for a Product

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Barcodes are the black and white images used in retail settings that reveal information about products when scanned. Every product has a unique barcode. In the United States, barcodes are obtained from GS1 US, a standards organization that provides UPC numbers and barcodes to businesses. Obtaining a barcode requires membership in GS1 US.

Apply for the GS1 Partner Connections program to create your barcode. The application for the Partner Connections program is available on the GS1 website (see Resources).

Apply for a GS1 Company Prefix using the Partner Connection online application. The Company Prefix will generate a unique code for your products and your company.


Go to the Data Driver tool on the GS1 website and log on using your Partner Connections information.


Download and print your U.P.C barcode. It will be available one business day after your application is processed.