How to Correct a Business Address Format With Mail Stop

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A correct business address format is essential to ensuring that letters and packages are sent to your business without delay. The U.S. Post Office prefers business addresses to follow a specific format that makes it easy for mail carriers to find your building. A mail stop refers to the four-digit code that identifies specific delivery areas within a larger zip code. Including the appropriate mail stop code in your business address helps the post office locate your business and deliver mail.

Write the full name of an individual or an attention line to begin your business delivery address. Place this line at the top of the delivery address, and use all capital letters. Avoid using punctuation, which may cause problems for automated mail processing machines.

Write the company name directly below the first line. Do not use any foreign symbols or punctuation marks, including periods, commas or apostrophes.

Put the full delivery address in capital letters below the company name. Include the building number, followed by the street name. If your business address has an east or west street designation, include an "E" or "W" before the street name. Put the suite, floor or room number last. For example, write 1549 E BUCKINGHAM AVE STE 103.

Write the city and state beneath the delivery address line. Use the appropriate state or country abbreviations designated by the U.S. Postal Service. Do not include any periods or commas between the city and state names.

Use the U.S. Postal Service zip code look-up tool to find your zip code and four-digit mail stop code. Write the full zip code after the state on the bottom line of your business address. Place a hyphen between the basic five-digit zip code and the four-digit mail stop code.


  • Write your business address in large block letters, or use a computer with a 10-point or greater type. Small, irregular letters are difficult for an automated mail machine to read.


  • Do not place a slogan, logo, attention line or any other text below the delivery address line. Automated mail machines read business addresses from the bottom up, so additional text may misdirect your mail.



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