A proposal is a written statement intended to sway an audience toward a certain goal. For example, the purpose of a museum project proposal would be giving the audience reasons in favor of a specific museum project. There are certain guidelines to writing a proposal that make the most effective impact. It is essential to think about your audience and the message you want them to receive from your proposal. You must also use words that are easily comprehended. This means being clear, concise, and using language that your audience can understand. By following these guidelines and knowing the necessary steps, you can write a proposal that is accepted by its intended audience.

Write a cover letter for your proposal. It should provide a brief explanation of the project that your proposal will cover. A museum project proposal would briefly outline the main reasons the project is needed.

Start with the introduction. Describe your qualifications for writing the proposal, along with the reasons you are credible to write it. Give your audience a reason to listen to you. For example, being a teacher qualifies you to talk about the ways a museum project would benefit education.

Write the need statement. Highlight the reasons why your proposal should be accepted. Ask yourself why it should be. Answer that question for your audience. For example, if your proposal is based on the need for a project that provides additional information on the circulatory system for education purposes, explain why school-aged children would benefit from seeing it.

Write the objective outcome. This specific piece of information tells the audience the intended outcome of what will take place if the proposal is accepted. Research your topic so that the statistics you present in your proposal are specific and accurate. For example, if you are presenting the number of sixth-grade students from the local elementary school that could benefit from the project, you need to find the exact number of students attending the school. An acceptable objective outcome would be: Approximately 85% of students at the local elementary school who visit this museum project on required school field trips will have a more comprehensive understanding of the circulatory system.

Write the methods needed to reach the goals of your proposal. This section describes the steps that will lead to your objective outcome. Tie the methods section in with your needs statement to make it most effective. For example, field trips for elementary school children to see the project will lead to them being more knowledgeable about the circulatory system.

Write the evaluation section. The evaluation summarizes the effects of the objectives and methods listed in your proposal. For example, the students visiting the museum during field trips and becoming more educated about the circulatory system will use that knowledge to obtain higher test scores in science class.

Write the budget section. Outline the specific costs that will be necessary after the proposal is accepted. Explain why your proposal is worth the cost.

Write a conclusion. Summarize the need for the project proposal to be accepted and the benefits that come with the acceptance of it.

Allow the finished proposal to sit for at least a day before you proofread it. Edit it to ensure that it is free of errors and concise. Check the general appearance of your proposal to make sure it is attractive to the eye.