How to Make an Auto Body Repair Form

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Complete an auto body repair form before performing any work. The form should contain information on the customer and the vehicle, and details of the job to be completed. Create your own auto body repair form using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Free templates are available for download to get you started. You can then customize your form. Print out the form to hand-write each job's information, or save it on your computer and type in the details.

Download a template to begin making your auto body repair form. Templates are available on Microsoft's website. Search the template section using the key word "repair form." Templates are available for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. They also can be found on other websites, such as Easy Free Printables.

Edit the auto body repair form template. The form should have a heading, with a line for the date as well as your company logo, address, phone number, email address, business hours and website, list of services available and areas of expertise. The customer information section should include spaces for customer name, address, phone number and email address. The vehicle section should have space for the make, model, year, vehicle identification number and mileage of the vehicle. The body of the form will need space to list the repairs, parts and cost of parts and labor, plus a section for the tax and total amount due. Space for the customer's signature should be at the bottom of the form. Add information on your shop's warranty to the bottom of the form.

Proofread your edited form, for spelling as well as content, making sure that you have all the information needed to perform a repair job. When you are satisfied with your form, save it to your computer. You are then ready to print a blank form or type the information directly into your saved template and print it out.