How to Open a Weight Loss Business Online

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The weight loss industry is without question one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the world. The rising level of obesity on a global scale guarantees a constant supply of potential clients and customers. Traditional business models such as gyms have given way to Internet-based businesses that rely on affiliate commissions to sell a wide range of products from fitness guides to supplements. The online weight loss industry is highly competitive, but also very profitable if approached correctly.

Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to identify the most searched terms related to weight loss with the lowest competition (see Resource section). Type in "weight loss" and every other keyword phrase you can think of in the search field. These include terms such as "lose weight quickly" and "drop holiday pounds." Click the "Search" button to display the results. Click the "Global Monthly Searches Column" to sort the results from most searches to least searches and click the "Exact Match" option on the left. Click on each link to open the search results page. Identify the search terms that receive more than 1,000 searches per month but have less than 30,000 competing pages as shown on the results page.

Make a list of optimal domain names from the list compiled in the previous step. For example, if the search term "rapid weight loss system" has 2,000 searches per month and less than 30,000 competing pages, and the other terms on the list only have 1,200, then list "" as your first choice for a domain name. The second and third choices are "" and "" respectively. Repeat this process for each search term on the list in descending order of the number of monthly searches they receive.

Navigate to a Web hosting company to purchase your domain name and hosting plan (see Resource section). Complete the account creation form to sign up for a basic hosting plan, which usually includes a free domain registration. Enter the domain names chosen in the previous step in order until you find a domain name that is available for registration. Fill out the remaining sections of the account creation form to complete the process. You must provide a valid name and address and valid credit card information.

Research weight loss-related affiliate programs to determine how to structure your site. Affiliate programs are available for physical products from sources such as Amazon or digital products from companies like Clickbank. Many business owners choose to focus on a specific product that provides solutions to a specific problem or desire. Common examples include affiliate programs for supplements like Acai, digital guides to get "six-pack" abs and fitness equipment like treadmills.

Build a website to promote your chosen product or mix of products. A professional-looking website inspires trust in your visitors and will increase the number of sales the website makes. Hire a professional Web designer or use simple software to create appealing designs (see Resource section). Study websites that sell similar products to see which ones are the most appealing to you. Use those site designs as the inspiration for your website.

Promote your website to gain maximum exposure and traffic. The most effective ways to promote your weight loss business website are forum marketing and social media marketing. Join forums related to weight loss and the specific products you sell on your site. Create a forum profile with a signature that includes a link to your website. Make posts on the forum that include helpful tips or insightful observations on weight loss methods or products to earn credibility and attract attention to your profile. Create a Facebook fan page to promote your website and provide another place for people to express their opinions about weight loss methods. Search for Facebook pages and groups related to weight loss and invite their members to join your new page.


  • Use paid advertising methods like pay-per-click and mobile marketing once your website is established and making sales from free marketing methods. This will greatly increase your revenue.


  • Consult your state and local governments for the required business licenses and permits for home-based businesses in your area.

    Supplement sales may also require a pharmacist's license in your state or country.

    Include a disclaimer stating that you are not a medical professional to the bottom of each page on your website.