Owning an ATM is not as difficult as it might sound. In fact, anyone can purchase an automated teller machine. There is not an application process to own an ATM. You simply purchase the machine and you are ready to go, after stocking it with cash, of course. Privately owned ATM machines can be found everywhere you turn. Of course, banks and credit unions own their own machines, but many individuals own machines as well.

Step 1.

Determine if you want to purchase or lease your ATM machine. Purchasing can cost up to $6,500, while leasing costs about $100 a month, as of 2011.

Step 2.

Investigate ATM vendors. Among the many choices are Wellington ATM, TM Machines.com or MachineATM.com. You will want to compare price, shipping and service plans. Make your lease or purchase.

Step 3.

Select an independent sales organization. This company will process the transactions customers make on the ATM. Select a company carefully, because most require a multi-year contract. The National Organization for ATM and ISO Operators is a helpful resource for selecting high-quality companies to use.

Step 4.

Set your fees and stock your ATM with cash.

Step 5.

Place your ATMs in high-traffic locations.


Think about how you will transport your automated teller machine. They are quite heavy and you will need help when you move the machine.


When you own your own ATM machine, you are responsible for any repairs that need to be performed, so make sure that you are prepared to make those repairs, or be prepared to have someone perform maintenance for you, before the machine breaks down, so your machine has as little down time as possible.