How to Create an Organizational Chart for Your Child Care Center

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An organizational chart will include all of the staff members and the chain of command at your child care center. It looks like a family tree with those with more management and decision-making responsibility at the highest levels of the tree. Once you complete your organizational chart, provide a copy to every staff member and parent. This will allow new employees to understand who they report to and inform parents about who they can request information from. Update the organizational chart every time there is an employee change. It is also worthwhile to post your organizational chart on your website.

Look at examples of organizational charts on the websites of other child care centers, such as those found in the Resources section.

Open a new document in your word processing program and save it as an organizational chart template. That way when you hire new employees you can easily make changes.

Insert a rectangle from a shapes tab in the center of the top of the page.

Type the name(s) and job title of the head of the child care center, such as the Executive Director or Board of Directors. You can also include contact information if you would like to provide it to the parents and staff.

Insert a vertical arrow right below the first rectangle; insert another rectangle below the first.

Type the name and job title of the staff member(s) who report directly to the head of the child care center; this might be the Assistant Director or Curriculum Developer.

Continue to add all of the staff members in descending order where a position such as Teaching Assistant or Volunteer Aide may be the lowest level of the chart. Add all departments, including maintenance, kitchen staff and others in the chart.

Position the rectangles of all staff members that are at an equal level and report to the same manager or supervisor on the same row and connect the rectangles with horizontal lines.


  • Check to see if your word processing program has an organizational chart template that you can use.



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