How to Activate a PLS Prepaid Card

PLS Financial Services is a Chicago-based check cashing company that manages more than 300 retail service centers in nine states. PLS Financial offers a prepaid Visa card that you can purchase at any of its retail locations for a small fee and a minimum opening deposit. The PLS retail store will activate your PLS Prepaid Visa card automatically at the time of purchase.

Go to any PLS Check Cashing location. You can use the PLS online "find a location" tool to locate the nearest PLS check Cashing facility. (See Resources.)

Purchase a PLS Prepaid Visa card. There is a minimal cost for the card that varies by location. In addition, each PLS Check Cashing location sets its own minimum required deposit to open a PLS Prepaid Visa account.


Activate your card. The PLS Check Cashing store will automatically activate your PLS Prepaid Visa card at the time of purchase.




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