How to Price a Commercial Cleaning Bid

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

When pricing a commercial cleaning bid, certain aspects of the job need to be figured into the equation. The size of the building, the required cleaning duties and whether the business will supply the cleaning materials and equipment all factor into the bid. Whether seeking cleaning bids for your own commercial business, or figuring out how to price your bids for cleaning jobs, use comparison guidelines to figure out the best bids in your area.

Factor in the costs of supplies and equipment. Cleaning supplies such as detergents or soaps, and equipment such as sweepers and hand vacuums, all factor into the pricing equation. Since mops, pails and brushes are normally a one-time purchase, they do not factor in as much as cleaning supplies that constantly need replenishment. If the company supplies the equipment and cleaning products, you can price your job significantly lower.

Consider the size of the job and the amount of work required. Cleaning a small doctor's office will price lower than a facility with multiple offices or a small factory. Find out the square footage of the areas needing cleaning and the number of restrooms. The larger the square footage and the more toilets and sinks that require cleaning, the longer the job will take.

Look at the economic conditions in your area. If the economy has declined, you may need to price your job conservatively, but do not go so low you cannot squeeze out a profit.

Look at classified ads in your area in the newspaper or on to see what prices others are charging for cleaning jobs. By comparing prices with other cleaning contractors, you can figure out how to price your own offers to remain competitive.