Kiosks are a type of specialty retail outlet, typically located in shopping centers and malls. Kiosks are the small, booth-like structures where a variety of products are sold, from cell phones to cosmetics and collectibles. Clothing can also be sold via kiosks. Opening a kiosk is a cheaper way to get into the apparel retail business, as opposed to a traditional, brick-and-mortar store. To start a successful clothing kiosk business, there are several things you can do.

Step 1.

Specialize in selling a certain type of clothing--this is otherwise known as your niche. Since a kiosk is a small retailing space, choose clothing that can easily be displayed, such as T-shirts, caps, children's clothing or pet clothing.

Step 2.

Rent a kiosk in a mall or shopping center. Call around in your area to find out what the prices are, how large the kiosks at each location are, the signage requirements, and what marketing support is provided to retailers. Pick the mall or shopping center with the lowest prices, best foot traffic and most retailer support.

Step 3.

Obtain the permits required in your area, and by the management of the shopping center or mall where your kiosk is located, to operate a retail business. This may include a resale permit, Employer Identification Number, fictitious name certificate or sales and use tax permit.

Step 4.

Buy wholesale clothing in your niche. Find reliable suppliers.

Step 5.

Purchase retail supplies you will need to run your clothing kiosk, such as shopping bags, a cash register and pricing labels. Depending on the mall or shopping center your kiosk is located in, a cash register may be provided for you.

Step 6.

Price your clothing reasonably, ideally below what a normal retail store would charge. Since your overhead is lower and you will not be providing a full, traditional retail shopping experience, customers will expect lower prices.

Step 7.

Promote your clothing kiosk business. People passing by will be your main source of income, as people don't generally plan to shop at a mall kiosk; they simply make impulse purchases there. Use large, attractive signage, clearly display your prices and merchandise, and open a website or social networking account so returning customers can connect with you.