How to Shop for Welding Projects

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Securing work as a welder comes from shopping sources like colleagues, welding associations and placing bids, often called Requests for Proposals (RFP). Contacting construction management companies and architectural firms are two other outlets. Welding work for federal, state, county and local municipalities is available through bid work. Vendor and contractor numbers can be required, and can be obtained by applying online. It is important to have collateral materials such as business cards, a brochure and possibly a website to better promote your business.

Join the American Welding Society (AWS). Their website regularly gives updates of world-wide projects where welding will be needed.

Talk with associate industries such as architecture and construction management firms. They continually answer RFPs for project bids. Often they will include a welding company as subcontractor on their joint-venture proposal. Set up an introductory meeting and be prepared to leave a small brochure and several business cards. Find local architects on the American Institute of Architects' website.

Cruise the Internet weekly for state government work. For example South Carolina's public colleges and universities each have bid pages where current bids are displayed. Colleges advertise for welding projects. Check to see if your company is required to have a valid state vendor number. In South Carolina, it is obtainable online.

Obtain a Dunn and Bradstreet (DUNS) number to get Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and shop the U.S. government for work. New projects or maintenance at military bases and posts like naval yards or at National Parks often require welding. Bids are periodically offered on government websites. See the references section on how to get both online.

Go the local municipal and county departments of buildings. Bring several business cards. Often emergency jobs such as broken park swings require the immediate services of a welding. Other work is available on a bid basis. Get your name on the list of contractors the department keeps for inquiries by the public.


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