A Uniform Transfer to Minors Account (UTMA) is a type of custodial savings account for a minor. UTMA accounts designate a person as the custodian for the account. The account is setup under the control of the custodian for the benefit of the minor. The minor is defined as a person under 18 or 21 years of age, depending on the state where the account was opened. The custodian, not the minor beneficiary of the account, needs to endorse the check from a UTMA account.

Turn the check over so the back is facing you.

Write the phrase "For Deposit Only" at the top of the check above the "Don't write below" line.

Sign the check exactly as the payee appears on the front of the check. For example, if the check reads Michael Smith CUST For John Doe UTMA," Michael Smith would need to sign the check using the exact aforementioned verbiage.