How to Get Cleaning Jobs From Property Management Companies

Property management companies typically need cleaning services when employees move out, though some hire services to maintain common areas in their buildings. Some property management companies hire cleaning services, while others may hire part-time or temporary cleaning employees as part of their staff.

Property Management as Client

Decide what type of cleaning you plan to offer. General cleaning is one option, but you may also wish to specialize in an area such as carpet cleaning or window washing. Check with competitors and see if there is a niche you can fill to make your services more desirable.

Advertise your business. Stop by different property management companies and talk to the staff and owners. Describe your services, availability and pricing. You may also want to leave business cards and/or fliers behind in case tenants are responsible for hiring cleaners.

Offer references to show your worth. Integrity and honesty are essential when it comes to cleaning services. If you can supply testimonials from other clients or employers, a potential client is more likely to take a chance on your company.

Be on time, and be thorough. While you may get one job from a company, if you perform poorly it could be your last. Punctuality and follow-through are essential for getting more jobs from the company that hires you as well as all-important testimonials.

Property Management as Employer

Check the classifieds and online ads for companies that may be hiring cleaners. Leases typically expire at the end of a month, so that is when cleaners may be in demand.

Call or visit property management companies and ask if they are hiring. Some companies may work on word of mouth, so it's always smart to check before assuming they aren't hiring.

Prepare your employment references. Just as with cleaning companies, individual employees must be trustworthy. If you don't have any cleaning experience, supply references from other employers who can attest to your reliability.


  • Cleaning may be a dirty job, but that doesn't mean you should be. A polished appearance and attitude will provide credibility and show you take the job seriously.


  • Some companies may offer to pay you in cash without reporting your employment. Make sure you understand local and federal tax laws before you accept payment that seems suspicious.


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