How to Make Money Typing Papers

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For people who want to work from home, typing papers is an opportunity to make extra money. If you already have good typing skills and know how to format a paper, you are good to go. If your typing skills could use a little practice and you do not know how to format papers, you can still practice and learn. This is an ideal job for college students and for people who live in college communities where the possibility of getting work typing papers is increased. All you need is a computer, paper and a decent printer.

Practice your typing skills a little bit to make sure that you can type the papers as quickly as possible. If it takes you ten hours to type a ten page paper, this may not be the job for you. Buy a computer program to help you learn to type better and faster, if desired.

Purchase a book on formatting papers so that you already have all the information you need before you even begin.

Place an ad in the college papers in your town. Offer to type papers, give a time frame of how long it will take you to complete it and how much you will charge per page. Offer a discount on larger papers.

Include your phone number and hours when people can call you. Keep in mind that college students especially are up late, you will want to give your hours of operation so that you do not receive phone calls at midnight or later.

Set up a meeting place, preferably on campus, where you can meet with students and pick up any papers or information that you may need to type the paper.

Prepare a separate email address where people can send you e-files of papers that need work editing or being put in the proper format.

Take check or cash payments only so that you do not have to concern yourself with credit cards. Make this clear when you make arrangements with someone. Expect payment at the time you hand over the paper.

Contact local businesses that may need some typing done. Ask if they need someone to type reports, curriculum or even translations if you are fluent in a second language.


  • Make sure you know how much you can handle. Put a limit on how many papers you can accept at a time. Keep in mind that many papers for college students are due at the end of the semester, which is right before Christmas for the fall semester.

    Update your word processing program if necessary. Many times updated programs have formatting features built right in and you can choose to automatically set your paper up as MLA or APA formatting styles.