The Moleskin Project Planner is a small, portable scheduling book that presents two layouts for daily and monthly tracking of goals, events and any other notes related to your work or projects. The project planner has one continuous sheet of paper folded accordion-style, which allows you to unfold and view an entire year’s worth of project notes and scheduling in a single layout.

Mark shorthand notes, deadlines or checkmark reminders in the front page spreads. Each day has eleven time slots stacked vertically on the page for notes and other markings.

Mark longer notes and reminders for each day on the back of the project planner’s pages. There is more room to include detailed information on this side, and the layout presents a long line for each day, with the weeks divided by bold lines.

Keep small documents, coupons and clippings related to your project in the inner pocket.

Unfold the accordion pages of the planner to get an idea of your project schedule over the course of the entire year.