When it comes to resumes and the job hunt, every qualification and skill you can list will help move your resume closer to the top of the stack. If you are a certified notary public, your resume should prominently feature that information, as this is a transferable ability that many employers will be interested in. Because being a notary public doesn't fall under the category of education, experience or skills, it is necessary to create a separate section for certification on your resume to include this information.

Type a "Certification" heading beneath your "Education" section (if you are using a chronological resume format) or beneath your "Skills" section (if you are using a functional resume format). Use the same formatting (bold, all caps) that you used for your other section headings.

Double space beneath the heading and type "Notary Public," followed by a comma.

Type the state in which you are a certified notary public. For example: "Notary Public, State of Colorado." Add any other certification or training in this section of your resume.