How to purchase wholesale candy

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Candy is traditionally a sweet treat offered as a snack or at the end of a meal. Certain holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween are associated with candy eating and giving candy as a present to others. If you own a store that sells candy to consumers, have a business that uses candy in some form, or just have a large family, you can save money by purchasing wholesale candy.

Determine what kind of candy you want to buy. Candy comes in many different types including sugar based, chocolate based and items combined with nuts and fruit. Think about the kinds of packaging offered. Some candy is individually wrapped while other types are sold without any wrappers at all. An item may be sold in small pieces such as jellybeans or larger pieces such as candy bars. You can buy many different types of wholesale candy.

Buy from wholesalers. Wholesalers purchase items from manufacturers and then sell to the public and to other businesses. A wholesaler may choose to stock a wide variety of goods or just sell a specific type of item. Many wholesalers sell to the public as well as to other businesses. To find wholesale candy vendors, type the term "wholesale candy" in a search engine. Some wholesalers require buyers to present evidence that they are members of the food business in some way. If you aren’t and you want to buy from from business to business wholesalers, you can apply to the IRS for an EIN or Employee Identification Number. The EIN is a number the IRS gives for free to businesses to allow them to monitor business-related expenses. Apply via the IRS website. Your EIN number will allow you to buy from wholesale candy companies.

Buy from specialty food shops. Some retailers specialize in selling food items. Food may include anything from seafood to prepared appetizers to organic produce. Food vendors also sell wholesale candy. A food vendor may further specialize and offer only a specific type of candy such as fruit-flavored creams or Christmas holiday mints.

Buy candy from warehouse clubs. Warehouse clubs allow members access to items at discounted prices. The items are offered in large quantities. In turn, the purchaser saves money. Many warehouses have aisles devoted to selling wholesale candy. Buy a day pass to see directly what types of candy the club offers.

Create a place to store the candy. Candy may deteriorate over time. Chocolate can develop a whitish film that looks unappetizing even if it is still edible. Taffy pieces and other sugar-based candies can stick together and form a large mass. Store candy in cool, dry place away from a heat source. Keep candy in the original wrapper if you can. If using containers to store the candy, label the outside of each bin properly with the name of the candy and the date purchased.