How to Cancel a SunPass Transponder

SunPass is the the name of the state of Florida Department of Transportation's prepaid toll program. The program allows you to prepay tolls on a transmitter that is assigned to your SunPass account. Every time you go through a Florida toll plaza, the cost of the toll is automatically deducted via the prepaid transponder. SunPass automatically charges you every time your transponder balance falls below a certain threshold. It is, therefore, advisable to cancel a SunPass transponder you no longer want to use.

Call the SunPass Service Center, at 888-865-5352.

Tell the customer service representative that you want to deactivate your transponder and close your SunPass account. The SunPass customer service representative will ask for your account number and pin number. Your account number is written on the sticker attached to your transponder.


Remove the transponder from your vehicle.



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