How to Get Certified in Green Cleaning

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Being green certified is becoming more and more important to both clients and companies. Green certifications means that a third party organization has reviewed your product or service and found it to uphold standards of environmental responsibility and safety. Certification usually requires the completion of several applications, interviews, on-site visits and possibly an audit. Depending on the organization you choose to get certified through, you may be required to complete a course or seminar.

Research green certification programs to find the one that's right for your cleaning service. You can find organizations that provide green certification in the Resources section of this article.

Review the standards and criteria for a cleaning service to be certified under that certification program's guidelines. For most certification programs, this requires the exclusive use of green certified products, certain standards of environmentally responsible behavior, and a commitment to utilize green practices company-wide.

Complete required application forms to describe your cleaning service practices. Be sure to answer all questions fully and include information about all the cleaning products you use.

Complete any required courses or seminars offered by the green certification organization.

Submit your application to the organization. If you fully comply with all their standards, you will move to the second stage of application, which may include an on-site evaluation, interviews, and audits.

If you fully meet the standards of that organization, you will receive green certification. You may need to go back and modify your cleaning service to better fit the given standards and re-apply. With certification, you will have license to advertise your cleaning service as "green certified" by the organization you received certification from.