The pace of life can seem out of control for the many people that try to juggle full time employment, families and hobbies. Running from one place to the next can leave ample room for error, from forgetting important appointments to showing up late for the children's PTA meeting. Scheduling basics seems logical for most people as they utilize the quick scheduling on their computers and phones, yet a Master Schedule provides a clear, comprehensive and complete overview of the month's activities in detail to keep you focused and on time.

Step 1.

Create a schedule template using an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document. Use this template for all sub-schedules to sustain the format and to enable an easy merge to the master schedule. Identify start dates, end dates, column positioning, font, date headings, color themes and graphs if applicable. Send this template file to all participating individuals, if in a business application.

Step 2.

Format a schedule to meet your needs. Build a schedule that suits your style and personality. This will make it easy to understand and follow over time.

Step 3.

Place this master schedule in an area that you will see daily. Make it a prominent feature at your desk or on the refrigerator. Fill in all the vital activities throughout the month or quarter, with dates, times, relevant notes and other information that you need to know about the time line. Place the master schedule in a break room or lead office if using the application in a work environment.

Step 4.

Use bright colored pens and highlighters when adding additional side notes or planning extremely important dates or deadlines. This will draw your eye to those activities that are important and necessitate preparation.

Step 5.

Meet once a week with other participants in a work environment that are part of this master schedule, to discuss any additions or modifications of the current schedule. Merge their sub-schedules into the existing master schedule as needed, and adjust things as necessary.


Software is available with basic templates for master schedules and sub-schedules to make the process very easy and straight forward.