How to Search for Assumed Names in Texas

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Assumed names allow an individual in the state of Texas to conduct business using the name of her company, not her personal name. Without an assumed name, clients and customers would have to write checks to you personally, and you could lose the name for you business if another entity files for that name with the Secretary of State. Search for assumed names in Texas to make sure that your business name is not taken or to research the business dealings of other individuals.

Collect the information needed for your assumed name search in the state of Texas. If you are searching for the assumed names of a particular individual, write down the individual's full name or, if the person is the agent or director of the company, her position within the organization. If you are researching potential business names for your company, write those names down so you can provide them when prompted.

Visit the Texas Secretary of State Office online to begin your search. The Texas SOS offers an online service called SOSDirect that will guide you through the assumed name search process.

Create a user ID and password for the SOSDirect website. Your account with the Secretary of State Office is necessary to provide you with search information data and any other assistance you may need when searching for assumed names.

Fill out the required information for the assumed name search form. If you are looking for an individual's assumed names, input that person's name into the information field. If you are checking for the availability of a business name, input that business name into the form field. Supply any contact information that the Secretary of State requests.

Pay the $1 USD fee required to perform a search for assumed names in Texas.

Wait at least 24 hours for the search results to come back. The website of the Texas Secretary of State Office claims that the "turntime for web filings is generally 24-hours or less."