Notifying a newspaper that you or your organization has done something that is newsworthy is the first step in getting an interview with a reporter of the paper. Newsworthy stories are ones that will attract the public's attention. Routine events in your business or organization are not usually considered newsworthy. However, unusual or out-of-the-ordinary events are more likely to be considered newsworthy. Newspapers particularly like human-interest stories and news that educates their readers. Free publicity in the newspaper can bring business to your company or awareness of your organization's cause.

Do something out of the ordinary. For example, you might be the first to offer a particular product or service to customers. Close your business for a day and have the employees volunteer in the community or offer free services to a charity in town. Donate a portion of your proceeds during a particular time period to a charity. Throw a customer appreciation party.

Write a list of what makes your story remarkable. Stating the reasons why your story should be published will help you make your case succinctly to an editor about why your story is newsworthy. Offer to be interviewed for the story. The list will also help you see how and whether your story really stands apart from others.

Contact a reporter or editor of the newspaper section relevant to your story. Find the contact information in a copy of the newspaper or on the newspaper's website. Email a couple of lines to the writer introducing yourself, your organization, your story, and ask if the writer would be interested in speaking with you about your story. Emphasize that one advantage to interviewing you is that the writer can ask questions.