How to Break a Time Warner Business Class Contract

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Breaking a Time Warner Business Class Contract is a simple procedure. Breaking the contract at the right time is the hard part. Liabilities incurred vary depending on exactly when the contract is broken. Handle financial responsibilities correctly to preserve credit and the ability to obtain the services of another provider. Time Warner is one of many companies that charge customers early termination fees for breaking a contract Read contracts carefully before signing to avoid future difficulties.

Contact the Time Warner Business Class customer service department. Find contact information on a bill, or visit the Time Warner website. Inform the representative a contract is being cancelled. The account holder must be the one to contact customer service for account security.

Review the contract service period with the representative. Determine if the contract is still under the promotional 30-day risk free guarantee period. If this is the case, no further charges are assessed outside of billing for services received. Otherwise, a $175 termination fee is due. $7.50 is credited for each month service was received during the contractual two-year period. Document when service was received, and make sure all times agree with customer service files.

Make an appointment to have all Time Warner equipment collected. Missing or damaged equipment will be charged to the account and indicated on the final bill.

Pay your final bill. Early termination and service fees are listed. Double check that the amount listed is the amount discussed with the customer service representative. Settle all balances to avoid negative credit reporting.


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