How to Make a Short Resume

A short resume can provide a quick overview of your qualifications and experience on a single page. Keeping your resume to a single page allows human resource officers the chance to quickly see what you have to offer their company. Some things can safely be eliminated as long as you have the information on hand to provide to potential employers should it be required. Items such as references take up a great deal of space on a resume and, at times, are unnecessary. Even when they are required, providing them separately when requested will eliminate the wasted space on your resume.

Open the word processing program you routinely use on your computer. Any word processor will work, although some come equipped with templates that can make building a resume easier.

Click the center-justify button on the toolbar at the top of your word processor. Type your name, address, and other contact information such as an email address and phone number at the top of the page. Set the font size of your name slightly larger than the rest of your resume. Press the enter button.

Click the right-justify button on your toolbar and type “Objective” in bold type. Press the enter button, and type a one-sentence objective statement that covers the goal for your job search. Press the enter button.

Type “Education” or “Experience” in bold type. Which heading you put first is determined by which has the most current information related to your objective. Press the enter key.

Type your relevant education or experience in three lines or less per entry. Only include the most relevant information in regard to your objective. Press the enter button.

Complete the remaining header, either “Education” or “Experience” in the same way. Which one you choose, of course, depends on which you completed underneath the objective statement. Press the enter button two times.

Click the center-justify button on your toolbar. Type "References are available upon request."

Reread and delete any unnecessary information you come across in order to shorten your resume.