The Federal Trade Commission of the United States issues registered identification numbers, or RNs, to businesses dealing with the manufacture, import, distribution or sale of textile, wool and fur products. It is not necessarily required for companies involved in such businesses to have a registration number, but if you need to find out whether a company is registered, the Federal Trade Commission’s online database will be there at your service. The RN is sometimes used in place of the company name, and hence knowing the registration number of a company might prove useful if you deal with corporations involved in the clothing industry.

Things You Will Need
  • Name of the company

  • Location of the company

  • Internet connection

Find out the home state of the company. If you aren’t aware of the location of the company, the first thing to do is to run an Internet search for the company, find its Web site and locate its home state. This is not a necessity, but it is always recommended that you refine your search.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Web site and go to the RN query page. To search for a number, click on "RN Database-Search." This database is based on data submitted by various private companies.

Enter the required details, such as the name of the company, the state, the ZIP code, the business type and so on. You can also use "%" as a wildcard to see various options in case you are not sure about the name.

Click on “Find.” You will see a list of companies that meet your query criteria.

Go through the list carefully if there are a number of companies displayed, and identify the one you are looking for. The “RN Number” column will give you the company’s registration number.