Most people don’t realize toll-free 800 numbers aren’t limited to businesses and professional organizations. In fact, private landlines and personal phones can also be used with toll-free 800 numbers. Aside from more traditional telemarketing calls, 800 numbers can include calls originating from virtually any location, organization or individual. For this reason, it’s more important now than ever to have reverse phone directories at your disposal.

Step 1.

Visit a popular reverse phone directory website, such as, to find the owner of an 800 number. uses a free user-powered reverse phone lookup directory that seeks to create a public database of non-published business numbers.

Step 2.

Type the 800 numbers you want to identify into the phone directory toolbar. Hit “Enter” and the owner of the 800 number you’ve been trying to locate will be revealed.

Step 3.

Use other sites like to double-check your findings or track down an elusive name and number.