Many different online companies offer the use of search tools that scour extensive databases to find probation information for individuals from California. However, Section 1203.05 of the California State Penal Code states that these records are public domain only for the first 60 days after the judgment was pronounced (the records are permanently public domain for repeat offenders). This means that, in most cases, the information is readily available at county Superior Court offices. However, to perform a statewide search, you must contact a professional service.

Visit your local county Superior Court office.

Ask for information regarding adult probation records and how you can access them. These types of records are often kept in a special binder that is made available to the public.

Look for the name of the individual in question. Records are usually arranged in alphabetical order to make this task easier. If his name is not on the list, it means that he was never on probation or did not have a repeat offense.

Open a web browser and visit an online criminal records database search tool.

Enter as much information as possible about the person in question. The search requires at least a first and last name. Some databases allow you to narrow the results by adding other pertinent data, such as city, age and middle initial.

Press the search button to proceed.

Choose your payment option and fill out the required information.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the purchase. Your search results will be displayed automatically.