Good leadership in an organization must manage change consistently and effectively. An organization suffers from a lack of appropriate leadership if management does not quickly adapt to different situations and direct the company accordingly.

Companies in different stages of growth require different types of leaders. As a result, an organization is more effective if leadership processes are embedded throughout the organization so different people can take on leadership roles at different times. In a multilayer organization, leaders in each layer depend on each other. By improving the quality of leadership within an organization, you can improve productivity.

Step 1.

Improve top-down communication. Communicate any changes in the company's direction immediately and at all levels of the company.

Step 2.

Create a company mission statement and align all activities with the company's vision. For example, if your company's primary goal is to develop luxury skin care products for women over 50, all marketing, advertising, and research and development activities should be focused on anti-aging skin care for women over 50.

Step 3.

Create task forces that bring together leaders in the organization to discuss strategy. Ask the task forces to work together to create short- and long-term road maps for the company that align with the company's vision.

Step 4.

Set up a rewards system that links employee bonuses to individual, team, division and company performance.

Step 5.

Create an organizational hierarchy chart that assigns authority to people based on their current role in the organization. Develop leadership by allowing people to take on more responsibility and change roles as they mature in their positions.

Step 6.

Create a review process for project and employee performance.