A multiple listing service is a marketing tool used in the real estate profession. Realtors in a state or region who choose to join a multiple listing service have the ability to advertise their available properties on one website or paper directory that serves the entire region or state. Consumers who are searching for properties often check multiple listing services for available properties since the number of properties available on the listing service is usually greater than the number of property options presented on a specific realtor's website or marketing pamphlet. Therefore, multiple listing services can provide real estate professionals with a greater amount of exposure to potential buyers.

Step 1.

Locate your local or statewide multiple listing service. The type of multiple listing service that you choose to use will depend upon the reach of your real estate listings. For example, if you or your real estate firm focuses on a small geographic area such as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you may not have a need to have your properties listed in a statewide multiple listing service.

Step 2.

Request a multiple listing service subscriber form from the multiple listing service of your choice. Complete the form by providing your name, license number and contact information. You will also need to sign and date the subscriber application. If your subscriber agreement is accompanied by a "terms of service" agreement, you should read this document thoroughly before signing the subscriber application.

Step 3.

Return your completed subscriber application to the multiple listing service. Most multiple listing services will also require a copy of the applicant's real estate or broker license and a subscription fee for joining.