How to Verify a Post Office Number

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If you need to contact a person or a business or have court papers served to someone, but you aren’t sure whether the address you have on file is correct and up to date, then you need to do some checking. You could just send the letter to the address on file and hope that the recipient receives your letter, but why take the chance? Save yourself some time, frustration and cost by verifying the post office number before you post it.

Look in the phone book. The phone book not only gives you telephone numbers, it often gives the address.

Call the person or business to double-check the post office number that you have. This will let you know if the number is correct or whether they moved or changed addresses.

Look on the internet. allows you to verify the post office numbers. Enter the person’s name or business in the correct boxes in You can also use Search Bug or Melissa Data. This will verify the mailing addresses for you. Simply type in street address, city, state and zip code and then click on the verify tab.

Hire someone to find the post office number for you. This is useful if you need to have papers served. Hiring someone to find the information for you can cost close to a hundred dollars or more. There are some websites that will do the research for you, like I Info and Best People Search .com.

Look on the United States Postal Service Services Locator site. This will provide you with an address to a post office in the area you want. You can also use Black Book Online to find the location of the post office you want. Simply type in the box number, city, state, and zip code that you have and the site will tell you the address of the Post Office.


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