How to Convert to Online Applications

If you have hard-copy applications and would like to make them accessible online, you may do so using an online application HTML (hypertext mark-up language) code renderer. The forms may be in any format, such as a job application form, product or service order form, or a financial application form to open an investment account. The benefit of online forms is users can fill them out at their leisure and in the privacy of their home.

Choose an online application renderer such as Doc Stoc or Adobe.

Follow the application renderer's instructions for creating a form. Using the information from your hard-copy application, include the name of your company, the phone number and address, as well as a contact email.

Insert all fields the hard-copy contains, including the applicant's name, telephone number, mobile phone number, home address, and email address. Copy any other fields printed on the hard-copy application such as reason for application, position applying for or service or product being purchased, and method of transportation or amount of initial investment or purchase price.

Include an upload or attachment option. Using the application renderer's features, create an upload or attachment tool.

Render and integrate the HTML code. Finish and save the project, then capture or copy the HTML code generated by the application renderer. Paste the HTML code into your website's editor function. Republish your website for changes to take effect.

Test the application. Go to your website and navigate to the application. Complete the application and attach or upload a document. Submit the application and review the results. Make edits as necessary and republish your website to reflect the changes.