Increasing speed is generally the ultimate goal of packing line reform efforts. Individuals in charge of these basic factory parts are often eager to increase the speed with which boxes can be packed, as time is money in operations of this type. If you are on the lookout for ways to improve your packing line efficiency, consider some simple steps that may help you achieve your goal.

Step 1.

Train employees on all pieces of equipment. Often packing line slowdowns occur when employees switch pieces of equipment. To avoid this, educate all employees on every equipment piece, so that they can effectively handle job switches or filling in for other employees.

Step 2.

Identify slowdown spots. Monitor the line carefully to determine where you are losing time. Jot down a list of spots that appear to create packing line bottlenecks.

Step 3.

Modify these time-costing areas. Focus on one area on your list at a time, and create a plan for improvement. In some cases, you may decide to further automate the line, while in others you may decide to depend more on manpower if automation attempts have proven unsuccessful.

Step 4.

Boost employee morale. Motivated employees often put more effort into their job and, as a result, work faster. Hold employee parties, offer incentive programs, and reward employees to show them that they are valued and make them feel more a part of the team.

Step 5.

Create a graduated goals system. Give employees something to work towards. Create a system of increasing goals. As soon as employees reach one productivity goal, move on to a loftier one. By creating a system of goals, instead of just creating one, you ensure that workers are always moving towards improvement.