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For many businesses, inventory is a large expenditure. Proper inventory management helps cut inventory costs and ensures the company maintains accurate records for each product. An inventory form is a primary tool for this process. Each form allows an employee to fill out specific information so owners and managers can determine the accuracy of inventory figures. Companies can allow employees to hand write inventory forms or print them out using a standard form or spreadsheet.

Create a list of columns on a sheet of paper.

Add multiple rows on the form to allow many inventory items to be written on one sheet.

Label each column header. Common headers include description, model/serial number, purchase date, cost, quantity and comments.

Include a space for listing the vendor and its address or phone number.

List instructions for filling out the form. This ensures all employees use the form correctly.

Save the form in a file for future use. This prevents reinventing the wheel for future inventory counts.


  • Inventory forms are highly customizable. Companies can create ones specific to inventory types, warehouse locations or purpose.


  • Companies must design a method for storing inventory forms. These documents are proof of activities or transactions relating to assets and may be necessary to complete future audits.


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