Create your own nomination forms to use at your next event or meeting. Nomination forms, which can be made in minimal time, are a way for people to nominate, or recommend, a person for specific duties such as chairperson. Before deciding to use nomination forms for your next election process, you will want to check with your organization's by-laws, to ensure this method is acceptable.

Use a word processing program to create the nomination form. The paper will list the positions that are open along with an area for names to be written-in.

Type the directions at the top of the paper. The directions should be clear and concise, and speak to your nomination process.

For example, if your organization is nominating new board members, then you will want to state a little about the organization and the positions that are open. You do not need to go into a large amount of detail on the nomination form; You can always attach a separate sheet with more specific information.

Leave space between the directions and your first nomination line. The space should be big enough for someone to write in a name, and a phone number -- if possible..

Type the name of the position up for election, such as Board President or Board Secretary. Once the title has been typed, then create a line for the name of the nominee to be written.

Scroll down and enter the question: "Why do you feel this person would make a good leader?"

This question is optional for the form; However, if you only have one or two positions available and there are several people eyeing the job, then you may make the decision easier, by gaining other perspectives on the nominees.

Leave another large space and type the name of the next open position. The pattern will continue, until all the information has been entered. If you use two sheets of paper, then staple them together.

Spell-check the nomination form and print off as many copies as you will need.


Do not include an area for the nominator to write their name; nomination forms are anonymous.