Laws or rules of an institution, such as a government office or a medical facility, may require you to destroy microfilm after a certain period. The two methods of microfilm destruction are shredding and burning. Local air quality laws may prohibit incineration, and security or confidentiality requirements may dictate the size of shredded microfilm pieces.

Things You Will Need
  • Incinerator

  • Cross-cut shredder

Step 1.

Take the microfilm to an incinerator.

Step 2.

Put the microfilm into the incinerator, or have the staff put it in the incinerator if you are not authorized to do so yourself.

Step 3.

Stir the remaining ash after burning the microfilm to make sure that destruction is complete.

Step 4.

Insert the microfilm into a cross-cut shredder if local air quality laws prohibit you from burning it. If you are destroying classified microfilm, make sure that you are using a shredder that reduces the material to strips at the minimum accepted size, as dictated by the responsible government agency.