How to Change My LLC Address

In order to change the address for an LLC, a limited liability corporation, you must file the proper paperwork with your state government. An LLC is a type of business that limits liability to its owner and protects personal assets should the business be disintegrated. It only taxes the owners once each year for personal and business taxes.

Navigate to your state government's website and use the search tool at the top of the screen to find the "Certificate of Change" form.

Select the "Certificate of Change" form. Use your printer to print the form.


Fill in the necessary information on the form. You will need the company's name and LLC number, the state it was filed in originally, the prior address, the new address and the names of the principal owner or owners.


Mail the form and the required fee to the address shown on the form. In most states, the fee to file for a change of address is $25 in 2010.