How to Start a Home Embroidery Business

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While starting a home-based business is a great way to make money, there are several steps you must take that will help make your home-based embroidery business successful. The positives of starting a home-based embroidery business include: little overhead, most markets are competitive but not over-saturated and people and businesses love to see their names or logos on the clothing. It is likely that most of your clients will have already purchased the items they need embroidered before visiting you. Therefore, there is no need to have huge quantities of shirts or other fabric items on hand.

Develop a business plan and determine what you need to be successful. Things to consider when making your business plan are budget, availability of thread and items to be embroidered and a marketing strategy. Determine selling prices that are competitive within your market and miscellaneous costs such as a business license and a home workspace.

Obtain the proper permits and business licenses according to your city's or state's laws.

Invest in a quality embroidering machine. There are several embroidering machines available on the market today, and some are better than others. When you're starting out there is no need to buy an expensive machine. However, you must purchase a machine that can meet your customers' demands.

Market your new business by reaching out to friends and family members. Start a website to sell your embroidered items, and give free samples away to local schools, businesses and charities. Advertise your new embroidery business in newspaper ads, on park benches and even through the local radio stations.

Contact businesses, schools, charities and local officials who may be in need of your services. Offer them special discounts if they purchase items in bulk.


  • Giving away free items will help to create positive word-of-mouth testimonials for your business.