How to Build a Restaurant Booth

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Building a restaurant booth is very difficult -- if you have a blueprint plan and an eye for design. The most central steps to think about include the size of the booth, the design of booth, and the intended restaurant audience. For example, at a sit-down restaurant you will want comfortable, padded seats, but at a fast food establishment a wooden booth will suffice (and will be less expensive to make). Tip: Build the booth with one extra person in mind -- booths are meant to be squeezed into!

How to Build a Resturant Booth

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Are you building a booth for a romantic restaurant, fast food restaurant, or your own kitchen? The atmosphere and intended audience is key to designing the right kind of booth. You wouldn't want a fast food booth in a romantic restaurant or an uncomfortable straight-back wooden booth for comfortable family dining. Think about your ideal booth before beginning to build or buy materials. Consider browsing food magazines or visiting local resturants for more ideas.

Upholster your booth seats.
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Remember, the longer one expects to dine, the more comfortable you will want to make your booth. Consider what kind of upholstery you want -- soft cushions, thin padding, and church pew-like seats are all very popular in the restaurant business. You might also consider leather, fabric, vinyl, cotton or polyester. Restaurants that do best without any upholstery are quick sit-down restaurants where a wooden booth isn't too uncomfortable.

Get the mesuraments of your booth size.
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Now that you know what kind of booth you want, consider how many people you want to fit in your booth. Two, three, or more? Size matters. If your booth is too small, people won't have enough space to eat comfortably. The whole concept of a restaurant booth is to have both space and comfort. If you are unsure of how big or tall to make your booth, visit your favourite restaurant and ask the manager if you can measure the booth's dimensions. Most of them will say yes.

Get a blueprint plan.
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Visit your local building store, such as Home Depot, and ask for assistance on how to draft a booth plan. Or call up a local architect and ask for a blueprint plan. Now, you are ready to build!


  • Notice that most booths slant back at 100-degree angle instead of 90-degree angle. This makes for more comfortable seating.

    Consider your table design as you build your booth. Do you want them to match?



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