New York City is home to several world-class universities and a variety of strenuous and famous high schools and elementary schools. Because of the many educational institutions, New York City can be a great place to start a tutoring company. Before you begin your tutoring endeavor, however, you will need to plan your approach and check with the city and make sure you have all appropriate documents in order to begin.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • Store to rent

  • Budget

Step 1.

Examine your own credentials and those of the people who will be working with and for you. Realistically discuss what subjects you can teach students. If you or someone you will be working with scored very high on tests like the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), consider also tutoring potential clients in preparing for these tests. Because these tests are widely used in the admissions process of American universities, there will always be a demand for tutors who can help raise scores.

Step 2.

Plan a budget. You will need to be able to cover rent and salaries of your employees for the first few months before you turn a profit.

Step 3.

Contact New York Business Solutions, a city-run organization that helps new business owners set up shop. This service will assess your organization and tell you the proper permits and licenses you will need to run your tutoring business. You can contact them by calling 311 within New York City or by contacting your closest center through their website listed in this article's References section. Depending on your needs and budget, they may also be able to provide you with extra services such as training employees.

Step 4.

Search for a location, making sure it is within your budget. It will be a plus if it is close to a subway station and easy for students to find. Keep in mind that you don't need a huge office at first. Your business can grow with your clients.

Step 5.

Look at nearby tutoring services' fees. Calculate how much you will charge for tutoring, taking into account your budget and the credentials of your employees. You can typically charge more for time with tutors who have obtained a high-level degree such as a Ph.D. or master's.

Step 6.

Advertise your business. You can target students in the New York City area on websites such as Google Adwords or Facebook. You can also make posters and advertise at local schools and universities. Creating a website is a great way to create a presence as well. Sites like and help beginner web designers create professional looking sites without HTML knowledge.