Hassle-free travel experiences result from successful coordination between your method of travel, accommodations and daily transport. Snags do occur, though. If the previous renter returned the sedan you ordered a few hours late, full of trash and in undriveable condition, the rental company has to take it out of service. Consequently, your rental agent may not have your requested vehicle upon your arrival at the pickup desk. Stay calm and be patient for a better customer experience.

When You Place Your Reservation

Your customer service experience begins when you land on the Enterprise Rent-A-Car website or start your first phone call to make your reservation. Customers with disabilities should call (866) 225-4284, contact [email protected] via email, or begin a TTY relay call at (866) 534-9270 to start your rental request.

Enterprise makes an impressive effort to be accessible to every driver. Their web page for customers with disabilities begins with a statement of that commitment to being accessible to all and providing a full range of support for drivers and passengers. Enterprise placed their website accessibility number right at the top of the page, although information about relay call acceptance and TTY availability show up much further down, just before a very long pickup-location list.

Enterprise encourages the use of surrogate drivers, so even visually-challenged customers can rent vehicles. Unfortunately, the site does not provide any autoplay videos or spoken instructions that a visually-impaired customer could trigger by tapping the screen. The rotating plus-sign at the lower left side of the page does not appear to have any spoken indications either. Call Enterprise yourself or have your surrogate driver access the chat feature for you.

Get confirmations for every accommodation you order. Email one copy of your confirmation and receipt to yourself and send another to a trusted advocate. Keep the third copy on your person or in your carry-on luggage detailing all the accommodations you ordered. Having your receipts and confirmations gives your complaint added weight if you discover any issues at the pickup site.

At the Pickup Site

Expect delays and vehicle shortages if you intend to pick up your rental car at the airport. Even at smaller airports, the volume of airline customers fluctuates throughout the day. Any time planes depart or arrive; more people will cluster around the rental counter than they do between flights. Everyone wants to leave the airport at the same time. Do your best to be pleasant when the person ahead of you takes longer than you think they should while ordering their vehicle.

If your reservation does not show up on the agent's screen, remain calm while they investigate your options. Remember that your agent has taken care of a few hundred other people today. They might be even more exhausted than you are and probably wish they could do more to help you. Take a short break while the agent figures out your options. Get a coffee or a snack and sit down. Plug in your phone and call whoever needs to know that you may be late to your final destination.

Avoid insulting the agent. You may feel justifiable exasperation, but the agent did not cause the problem and probably already heard every insult you could ever devise. Instead, thank them for taking time to figure out a win-win solution. If you do feel that the agent has engaged in any unprofessional behavior, then report that when you leave feedback about your customer experience.

Special Accommodations

If you see a two-door compact pull up to the front of the rental car office, but you ordered an SUV with a steering knob and foot pedal extenders, stay calm. Direct the agent's attention to your rental confirmation and ask what options he can provide. If the holdup for the correct vehicle won't make you too late, it may be to your advantage to await the right car rather than wasting time and energy arguing.

Confirm the vehicle's condition by inspecting the car along with the agent. Document any problem areas, such as dents, dings or scratches. Ask for two copies of the inspection report and staple your receipt to the one you put in your wallet or purse. Put the other vehicle condition statement in your checked luggage.


If you already have auto insurance, have your proof ready. If you don't have insurance, you can order a roadside assistance club over the phone. Credit card reward programs and buying clubs such as Costco have travel insurance discounts. Investigate your options before you order your rental car or resign yourself to paying the premium that Enterprise recommends.

On the Road

If your rental car breaks down, pull as close to the breakdown lane as possible. Turn on your hazard lights if your car's electrical system still works. Stay in your vehicle to avoid the path of oncoming traffic.

Call your roadside assistance company and local law enforcement first. Once they are on the way, call the Enterprise customer service line at (866) 225-4284, contact [email protected] via email, or begin a TTY relay call at (866) 534-9270 to report your breakdown. Follow Enterprise instructions from that point forward.

When You Return the Vehicle

Refill the gas tank before you return the vehicle. Remove all of your belongings and any trash from the car. Wipe down any spills. Make sure you have your keys, phone and wallet, purse or messenger bag. Look for any phone chargers or power cords. Check the trunk for any items that might have fallen out of your luggage. When you satisfy yourself that nothing of yours remains in the car, take it to an automated vacuum station for a total interior once-over.

Once again, be patient when you return the car. Give the agent plenty of time to confirm the vehicle's condition on return. Document any dents, dings or scratches and match them to the original inspection. Ask for three copies of all vehicle-return documents and staple your receipt to the one you put in your wallet or purse.


If you lose your receipt, you can get a new copy. Go to the Enterprise web page, type "How Can I Get a Copy of My Receipt" into the search box and follow the directions.

Treat the counter agents like trusted colleagues. The time they take to ensure that any problems happened before you received the car will save you money and aggravation later. However, do not allow bad behavior to go unreported. Stay calm and do whatever will lead to the most peaceful resolution for the moment. Fight other battles later, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Complaints, Compliments, and Conclusions

Call, write or email Customer Service after your transaction with Enterprise concludes. Praise your agents for any actions they took to make your rental experience a positive one, especially if they had to work out any snags for you. Be specific and praise them by name and location. If you had any lousy experiences, work directly with Enterprise to resolve the issue before you go to social media. While venting may give you temporary satisfaction, it may hurt your chances of a positive outcome later.


Enterprise devotes an entire web page to its refund policies. Type "How Do Refunds Work" into the search box on their web page to learn more.