Texas requires you to pay sales tax on the purchase of most goods, from building supplies to snack foods. But certain types of organizations may be exempt from paying sales tax on their purchases. If you fall into one of these classes, you'll need to fill out a Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate and give it to the person from whom you're making your purchase. The seller will keep this certificate on file to prove he obeyed the law by not collecting sales tax from you for that purchase.

Download a copy of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate from the tax form section of the State of Texas website (see Resource). The form is Page 2 of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate. Print out Page 2 only.

Complete the form, providing your name and contact information. State the reason for requesting exemption from sales tax, and list the item or items you will be purchasing. Valid reasons include purchase by a religious, charitable, educational or youth organization; purchase by nonprofit volunteer fire departments or chambers or commerce; or purchases made by a government agency.

Sign and date the bottom of the form, attesting that all information contained in the certificate is true and that you understand the penalties for reporting false information.

Give a copy of the form to the merchant from whom you are making your purchase. `


You cannot use the Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate to purchase a car.