How to Break a Security Monitoring Agreement

A security monitoring agreement is an agreement between a client, either an individual or a business, and a security company hired to provide monitoring services. Lots of situations arise that prompt a client to try to break an agreement, and it can be done. Look carefully through the signed contract to find out the ramifications of breaking the agreement, though. Cancelling the agreement involves little more than a phone call, which can turn out to be an expensive phone call.

Review your security monitoring agreement, especially the section on early-termination penalties and fees. For example, a three-year contract may require clients to pay for six months after a cancellation. If the contract called for the client to pay for services up front, some or all of the refund may be lost to fees charged for early termination.

Contact the security company and ask an account representative to cancel your service.

Pay all necessary termination fees and sign all paperwork provided by the company for the termination. You'll be asked to verify that you want to terminate your agreement and that you accept the financial penalties.


  • Some security companies will not financially penalize clients who are cancelling contracts because they are moving, as long as a client sets up the security services in his new home.


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