A water hauling business works best where water is, or can be scarce. Hauling water for human consumption is a health issue, so there is a lot of approval required from the state before you can start your business. You need to be patient and very organized. Good sanitary conditions are a must.

Research the competition - the more of them, the harder it will be for you. Starting a business without experience is unwise. If you need advice, get it from haulers in the next town or state or city -- they'll be more likely to open up to you than potential competitors where you intend to set up your businesses.

Acquire equipment and locate supply. A source of water is your basic requirement. The local health department needs to approve your source of water and it has to be safe from bacteria. Do not use water from fire hydrants, but you can get water from a treatment plant.

You will need transport tanks. The water tanks also must be approved. Obtain stainless- steel water tanks because they won’t react with the water and rust. Tanker trucks that have been used to haul commodities like petroleum products or toxic materials cannot be used. The tankers will be inspected on a regular basis. You must clean and sanitize them.

Get a water-hauling license. A license application is required before your vehicles are inspected. Along with the application you may be asked to submit a description of the exact location where water withdrawals will be made, a sanitary survey of your source of water, an evaluation of the quantity and the quality of the water, detailed descriptions of the water transportation tanks, fill connections, outlet valves, hoses and pumps. You may be asked to explain how they will be protected against contamination. There may be an application fee and you may have to renew regularly.

Advertise your business. You can do this in the local newspaper or build a Website. Stress high sanitation standards so customers are comfortable buying water from you. You can offer discounts and promotions to market yourself. Giving out shirts with your business logo and service description creates awareness of your business.


You can look into buying a franchise instead of starting from scratch. A franchise will already have the vehicles and a source of water.